Common Treatment Storage & Disposal Facility (CTSDF) In the State of Madhya Pradesh


The government of India has promulgated the hazardous Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 1989 under the Environment Protection Act, 1986. Subsequently amendments have been made to the Rules in the years 2000 and 2003 for more clarity and practicability in implementation According to the Rules the wastes which fall under any of the following categories are defined as hazardous:


(a)               Wastes listed in column (3) of Schedule-1.

(b)               Wastes having constituents listed in Schedule-2, if their concentration is equal to or more than the limit extended in the said schedule; and

(c)               Wastes listed in lists ‘A and B’ of Schedule-3 (part-3) applicable only in case(s) of import and export of hazardous wastes in accordance with rules 12,13 and 14 if they possess any of the hazardous characteristics listed in Part-B of the Schedule-3.



In the light of the above,   all the individual industries generating hazardous waste(s) have the responsibilities to properly collect and store the  wastes which will be ultimately transported to a Common Hazardous Waste Collection, Transportation, Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility, where the final disposal shall be carried out in a scientific manner.  (If industries does not have their own captive SLF)


Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board, (MPPCB) and Madha Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation (MPSIDC) have initiated steps in recognizing the problem and finding adequate solution to this issue and the needs of the industrial hazardous waste management in the State of Madhya Pradesh. MPSIDC have taken the responsibility of identifying and selecting an experienced developer for developing such a facility .


MPSIDC has also identified a site-admeasuring about 50 Acres located in Pithampur for the said purpose and have called for tenders. Following a tendering process, Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited has been selected to take up the job on a BOOT basis, which has been developed in the name   of ‘Madhya Pradesh Waste Management Project’ a division of Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited.


M/s. M.P. Waste Management Facility (Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd.,) has been granted consent to establish under Waster & Air Act (on 05-09-2005) as well as Authorization under the Hazardous Waste (M&H) Rules (on 04-10-2006) for Common TSDF by MPPCB at Plot No. 104, Industrial Area No. II, Pithampur, Dist. Dhar.  


            Authorization under Hazardous Wastes (Management & Handling) Rules, 1989 and Amendments issued to:

M/s. M. P. Waste Management Project,
(Division of M/s. Ramky Enviro Engineers Pvt. Ltd.)
Plot No. 104, Industrial Area No. 02,
Pithampur, District Dhar
PIN 454 775 (M.P.)

Permission for establishment of a Common Secured Land Fill Site (Phase-II) 

Permission for operation of the common hazardous waste incinerator 

            Vide letter no 2780/HSMD/MPPCB/2006 Bhopal Date. 04/10/2006.
            Number and date of Authorization : HSMD/MPPCB/BPL/988 dated 04/10/2006.