The Micro Organisms play significant role in the field of environment but there are certain risk groups which need to be controlled and with a view to protecting the environment, nature and health, in connection with application of Gene Technology and Micro-organisms the Govt. of  India has framed rules for the "Manufacture, Use, Import, Export and Storage of Hazardous Micro-organisms / Genetically engineered organisms or cells".  The salient features of these rules are as follows:


  • These rules shall apply to genetically engineered organisms / Micro-organisms and cells and correspondingly to any substance and products and food stuffs etc of which such cells, organisms on tissues hereof  form part.

  • The competent authorities to deal with various provisions of these rules are as follows:

    • Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RDAC)

    • Review Committee on Genetic Manipulation (RCGM)

    • Institutional Bio-safety Committee (IBSC)

    • Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC)

    • State Bio-technology Co-ordination Committee (SBCC)

    • District level Committee (DLC)

  • The Micro-organisms, Products or Cells shall be dealt under two major heads, viz. animal pathogens, and plant pests and information on these organisms can be ought from the Emergency Response Centre.  For any relevant query mail at Dr. R. Chaturvedi.

  • No person shall import, export, transport, manufacture, process, use or sell any hazardous Micro-organisms except with the approval of GEAC.

  • Use of these Micro-organisms restricted to the laboratories notified by MoEF for this purpose under EP Act, 1986.

  • Application of approval for substances, subject to these rules, shall be addressed to GEAC and the approval shall be for a specified period not exceeding four years and renewable for a period of 2 years times.

  • Provision of fee is there and GEAC may fix the expenses incurred in the process.


Complying the provisions given in the Hazardous Micro-organisms Rules, the Govt. of Madhya Pradesh has Constituted SBCC in the State as follows:

S.No Authority Designation
1 Chief Secretary Chairman
2 Principal Secretary, Govt of M.P., Deptt of Housing & Environment Member Secretary
3 Secretary, Govt of  M.P., Public Health & Family Welfare Member
4 Secretary, Govt of  M.P., Deptt of Agriculture Member
5 Secretary, Govt of  M.P., Commerce and Industries Member
6 Secretary, Govt of  M.P., Public Works Deptt. Member
7 Engineer in Chief, Govt of  M.P. Public Health Engg. Deptt. Member
8 State Microbiologist & Pathologies Member
9 Chairman, M.P. Pollution Control Board Member