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You can download the fonts using any of the two methods :


A. Download the compressed version if you have winzip installed in your computer. 

Download - HINDI FONTS  for Windows 3.x/95/NT now.

Download the uncompressed version if you don't have winzip installed. Download HINDI FONT  now & save the file as as mfdev010.ttf in c:\windows\fonts directory. Please note that you save the file with ttf extension in c:\windows\fonts director . By default the file will be saved with .exe extension & you will not be able to install the fonts.

C. Instructions  for installation of the fonts

How to add the fonts to your system for Windows 3.x/95/NT

Tip: Make sure that your browser uses document specified fonts.

  • Extract & save the fonts to a particular directory (for eg: c:\fonts) if you have downloaded the non-exe file.
  • Select Control Panel and then Fonts.
  • Click on the Add button / Select Install new fonts from file popup menu and give the path where you have saved the fonts.
  • Press OK or the Close Button.
  • After installing fonts, if still you see junk characters please changes settings of browser to accept user defined fonts.

Once the font is added to your system, you can see the text in Hindi using any browser like Netscape (ver 3 and above) or Internet explorer etc.